Cherice Gwinn (Stephens) went missing between September 29th and October 1, 1993.      At the time of her disappearance, Cherice Gwinn was married to Norman Stephens.    The couple resided in a small residence which is now the Harmon property on Brackenridge Road in the Bolt area of Raleigh County.

At the time of her disappearance, Cherice was a student at The College of WV (Beckley College).   She enjoyed fitness and was a member of the L.A. East Gym in Beckley.   Prior to her disappearance she worked at Spartan Sporting Goods in Beckley.

Cherice drove a 1993 white Dodge Daytona (pictured).  This vehicle disappeared the same time as Cherice.  The vehicle mysteriously reappeared a month later.   Any additional information relating to the storage or transport of this vehicle during the fall of 1993 is of vital importance.



The last person to have seen Cherice alive was her husband, Norman Stephens.  Only weeks after her disappearance, Norman Stephens filed for divorce.  The divorce was final on Valentines Day, 1994.   Norman Stephens never reported Cherice missing and has never fully cooperated with the police.  In the years following her disappearance, Norman Stephens refused to talk to Cherice`s family members despite multiple requests.

At the time of Cherice's disappearance, Norman Stephens worked for UPS.   Shortly after her disappearance, he moved to Cherry Hill Apartments in the Beaver area of Raleigh County.   Additionally, in the years immediately following Cherice`s disappearance, Norman Stephens closely associated with Benjamin Williams, who, like Norman, was a graduate of Independence High School.   Other associates at the time included Robert Miller (a high school friend who had joined the USAF and was living in Texas and/or North Carolina) and his coworkers from the Beckley UPS.

This case is being investigated as a homicide.  If you have ANY information pertaining to the aforementioned facts or circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Cherice Gwinn, even background information that you may not think is important, her family urges you to contact CRIME STOPPERS at 304-255-STOP (7867) or The West Virginia State Police at (304)-647-7600 or (304)-256-6700.

PLEASE HELP THE GWINN FAMILY HAVE SOME CLOSURE ABOUT THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THEIR LOVED ONE.     IF YOUR TIP ABOUT CHERICE GWINN LEADS POLICE TO MAKE AN ARREST, you will receive a minimum cash reward of $1,000.00 and up to $5,000.00 cash reward, depending on how helpful your information is to the solving of the case.     




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